Childcare for children and young people with SEN and disabilities

Using childcare

Using childcare can bring many benefits for children including their development, learning and play. For you as a parent using good quality childcare means you can work, train, or just have a break.

Mums, dads and carers of disabled children have told us they want more information and advice to help them understand their childcare options. When it comes to childcare for a disabled child, a lot of the considerations are the same as for any other child. However there are a few extra things to think about, such as training or a child's medical needs. This short guide will take you through all of the key things you need to know about arranging childcare for a disabled child.

If you have any questions about this guide or would like any further information then please contact Local Area Teams Information Service (formerly York FIS).

Funded childcare places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds.

Every Disabled Child Matters have also created a legal guide how to access free childcare for two to four year olds.

Childcare choices

What types of childcare are there and what do they offer?

Finding childcare

Where can you go to find out about local childcare?

Choosing childcare

Top tips for arranging childcare and how to choose good quality childcare

A childcare provider's view

What does a childcare provider do to support disabled children and how do they work together with you and your family?

A parent's story

Read how two families accessed childcare for their children at two different settings.

What next

A quick guide to finding, arranging and paying for childcare for a disabled child.

Paying for childcare

Childcare can be expensive but there are different ways you may be able to reduce your bill.

Short breaks

Find out what short breaks are and how to access them


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