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Caring for a disabled child - a childcare provider's view

What's it like providing childcare for disabled children? There are over 350 childcare providers in York and we spoke to just one of them to give an account of their experiences. They gave us an insight into their experiences of providing childcare and what their advice would be for parents or carers.

A setting in York gives us their experience.

Around two years ago a child enrolled at our setting who needed extra help and support as he had undergone a medical procedure and also had physical needs. The child would need a highly individualised approach and required specific support whilst at the setting.

At first we found this bit daunting as it was all new to the team that would be working with him. However looking back now it is the best thing the nursery did, both for the child, parent and staff. The staff members gained more experience and knowledge about a subject they knew nothing about, got to work alongside other professionals and build up a strong relationship with the family. The child has come on leaps and bounds and has developed really well and formed good relationships with all of the team. The whole team contributed to this, attending various training such as Makaton and learning how to tend to his medical needs. The staff worked alongside trained Nurses through observation and demonstration.

This also led to us having a meeting with the parent to discuss whether or not to continue using the inclusion funding. It was agreed by the child’s key person and parent that they felt we no longer needed to claim the funding any longer as the child had made such good progress through the early interventions that had been put in place and was successfully accessing all areas of the curriculum in line with their peers. The child has also become more mobile and no longer needed extra help or support in this area of development.


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