Your rights at Lime Trees

There are some important things you can expect when using Lime Trees.

  • Confidentiality - the person seeing you should explain how and with whom any information you give might be shared. At the first appointment you'll be asked to fill in a form, since we have to collect various bits of information about you.
  • Information - any information is kept safely, in paper notes and on the computer and will only be shared in discussion with you.
  • Consent - the person seeing you should make sure that you agree with the help they are suggesting and explain the possible choices if you do not agree.
  • Letters - we usually write to the first person that referred you to Lime Trees, but we aim to share all letters and reports with you.
  • Your needs - for example, if you or your family need help from an interpreter, or want to bring a trusted friend with you to appointments, or want information to be shared with you in a certain way, (e.g. written to take away with you) you should let the Lime Trees staff know and they should try to organise this.
  • Complaints - if you're not happy with the help you've received, you should tell the Lime Trees staff. All CAMHS have complaints procedures and you're welcome to talk to our service manager Carol Redmond.
  • Feedback - we have a suggestions box and welcome any ideas you might have. We're keen to make sure we're doing a good job, and will ask you to complete a questionnaire at the beginning and end of the time we're meeting with you.


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