Referral process for Lime Trees

The referral will first go to a primary mental health worker. They are the local link workers who come out and see you. They will talk with you and decide with you what might be helpful.
This might mean:

  • the primary mental health worker meets with you again
  • you see someone from Lime Trees
  • you talk about other services that might be helpful
  • you decide you don’t want to see anyone.

If you decide seeing someone at Lime Trees might be helpful, the primary mental health worker will send them a referral. Someone at Lime Trees will then send you an appointment letter. The appointment might be at Lime Trees, Selby War Memorial, Castlegate or at home. It depends on where you live and what worker/team is seeing you.

What happens next depends on the type of worker or team you are seeing. Find out who they are and what they do or find out what kinds of treatments we offer.


York Family Information Service

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