Living at Lime Trees

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Lime Trees welcomes all young people and their families, and will respect their race, culture, religion, sexuality and individual needs. Any particular requirements should be discussed at the pre-admission meeting, and then the staff can consider how/if the unit is able to accommodate the young person’s needs.

Bedrooms and personal property

When a young person is admitted to Lime Trees as an inpatient they will be allocated a single room or a shared room with someone of the same gender. During a young person’s stay there is an expectation that they may have to move bedrooms to accommodate other patients according to the clinical needs of others. Young persons are encouraged to bring personal items with them, however it is the young persons responsibility to keep these items safe. Computers and televisions should not be brought in, as young people are encouraged to spend time in the lounge and games room with the other young people on the unit. Any electrical items will need to be checked by the electrician before they can be used. The unit does have a safe for small items of value such as money to be kept safe, however young people are not encouraged to bring large amounts of money with them, as it will not be needed. Young people are reminded to change their bedding once a week; linen is provided but many young people prefer to bring their own duvet covers etc. It is expected that young people will keep their bedrooms reasonably clean and tidy. Laundry facilities are available on the unit if young people wish to do some washing at Lime Trees.

Family accommodation

If it's relevant to a young person’s care, family members may be invited to spend some nights/weekends at Lime Trees. This would be discussed with the young person and their family/carers. There is family room for use during these times.


During the week, bedtime is 10.30pm, with lights out at 11.00pm, although this will vary depending on the young person’s age, the reason for admission and parents/carers requests. At weekends and during school holidays bedtime is more flexible and can be discussed with the nurse in charge of the shift.


Young people and unit staff attend meals in the dining area and there is an expectation that everyone remains in the room until all have finished. Lime Trees can cater for all dietary requirements. Young people and staff as part of the therapeutic programme cook some evening meals. Food should not be brought onto the unit without first agreeing this with their key-worker. There is a washing up rota and everyone is expected to take his or her turn!

In some circumstances, if it's relevant to a young persons care, family members may be asked to attend meals. This would be discussed with the young person and their family/carers.


Members of the nursing staff supervise young people at Lime Trees. The level of supervision will depend on the amount and type of support needed by the young person in order for them to remain safe. This will be discussed with the young person and their family/carer and is regularly reviewed.


Supervised and unsupervised time off the unit will be discussed with the young person and their family/carers. Leave may include reintegration into school, and activities that would be beneficial in addressing the difficulties that led to admission. Spending time with family/carers and friends is an important part of a young persons assessment and treatment, it provides an opportunity to identify positive or difficult events, and to consider the support/resources that may be needed following discharge from Lime Trees. It's therefore very important that the young person and their family/carers complete feedback forms for each period of leave and discuss positive and negative aspects of leave with the key/co worker or the nursing staff on duty at the time.


Visiting times are generally 3-8pm on Wednesdays and 9am to 8pm on weekends and bank holidays, excluding meal times. On Wednesday outings/activities are sometimes arranged and at these times it is suggested that visits are delayed to 5pm. For safety, it is requested that visitors inform nursing staff when they arrive and leave the unit. Staff will try to be flexible with visiting times, please discuss any difficulties with the young person’s key/co worker; assistance with travel costs may be available where this is part of the young persons therapeutic programme.


Outings are arranged as part of the activity programme, particularly at weekends and during the school holidays, dependent on the weather, clinical commitments and staff levels. A parent/guardians’ consent for a young person to join these outdoor activities is requested at admission.


Lime Trees has a games console, pool table, puzzles, books, board games, sporting equipment, TVs, video and DVD players, art materials and large grounds available for young people to use. It's expected that these resources will be respected and shared with other young people; if any resource is misused or damaged by a young person, their parents/guardians will be charged for the repair or replacement.


Smoking is strongly discouraged at Lime Trees and there is a no smoking policy on the unit. Unit policy states that teenagers under 16 years old will not be allowed to smoke. If a young person over 16 insists on smoking there are procedures to be followed, please discuss this with staff.

Alcohol and illegal substances

Alcohol and illegal substances are not permitted at Lime Trees. If young people or their family/visitors are found to be in possession of illicit substances the police will be informed.

Additional safety information

To minimise the risk of harm to young people, staff and visitors, the following items should not be brought to Lime Trees:

  • Sharp implements, such as manicure sets.
  • Medication; this includes prescribed, ‘over the counter’, and herbal medications. Existing prescribed medications such as inhalers should be handed in to nursing staff on admission.
  • Hazardous substances, such as nail polish and cleaning solutions should not be brought onto the unit.

The above list is by no means exhaustive and staff at Lime Trees will conduct searches of personal belongings if they believe a young person is in possession of a potentially harmful substance/object.

All young people, their families and involved professionals will be treated with respect and such respect is expected in return. All young people, relatives and friends are advised that no abusive, intimidating or threatening behaviour will be tolerated. The staff at Lime Trees work hard to give young people and their families/carers appropriate treatment and support.


Young people may bring their own mobile phone to Lime Trees, which will be kept in the ward office. Access to the phones is between 6pm and 10pm during the week and all day at the weekend. Photographing of other young people and staff at Lime Trees is not allowed and will result in the removal of the phone; this is to ensure confidentiality and personal safety.

For young people who do not have a mobile phone, or those who do not wish to bring it with them, they will be able to use the office phone to contact friends and family for short periods.

It is requested that phone calls from family/carers and friends are made after 6pm during the week and that at weekends mealtimes are avoided so as is to minimise disruption to the therapeutic programme.