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Animations made by young people

Communication Street

Communication Street is a film about problems deaf young people have communicating at home, with parents, brothers and sisters. In a fun and entertaining way it looks at things such as being woken up, not being told what's going on, communicating in the car, not hearing someone calling for you, and the age old arguments over subtitles. For each problem a solution is also suggested by our Communication Street voiceover pigeon.

Top 5 tips for communicating with deaf young people

Top 5 tips for communicating with deaf young people; made by a group of deaf young people.

  1. Avoid visual distractions
  2. Position yourself properly
  3. Make yourself clear
  4. How to get attention
  5. What to do in group situations

Survival tips for deaf teenagers

A short animation made by a group of deaf teenagers giving survival tips for awkward situations that sometimes come up in everyday life. Both funny and useful, this is an invaluable guide for any deaf teenagers, their friends and family, and especially for bus drivers..!


This short animated film was made at Lime Trees in York. We helped a group of young people with anorexia to create a script to explain about the condition and their experiences, and then make animations to illustrate it. We had to learn about the condition before starting the project, and work carefully to gain the trust of the young people in order for them to feel comfortable talking with us about their experiences. The film is very honest and will be used to show to newly diagnosed patients and their parents to help them understand how they can start to get better.

Asperger's syndrome

The Asperger syndrome (AS) project uses animation and audio to enable young people with AS to explain what it is and express how they feel about it. They give very personal insights which could only be achieved through using these mediums and techniques. We worked very closely with staff at Lime Trees in planning and running the project, which was a key element in our success in working with the young people. This film won the Animation award at the Scottish Mental Health film festival in 2008, and has been very well received by the clinicians who use it in their practice.

Top tips for health professionals working with deaf young people.

The 'Top Tips for Health Professionals' film suggests ways to improve Deaf awareness and communication skills amongst Health Professionals when working with Deaf young people. This includes making an appointment; arriving at reception; receiving treatment and having things clearly explained in an easy to understand way.


A film about making friends, written and animated by young people at Lime Trees as part of a summer animation project.

About Biomation

Biomation is a pioneering science and arts project funded by the Wellcome Trust and run through York NHS and City of York Council.