Young person's interview panels

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Do you want to have a say in who the City of York Council recruits?

The City of York Council are looking for young people to help interview candidates for job roles which involve working with young people. This includes jobs such as social workers, youth workers and more..

As part of a young person's interview panel, you'll have to work with other young people to prepare your own set of questions and decide how you'd like the interview to run.

There will be an adults interview panel as well, and you'll work with them to make sure you recruit the most suitable candidate for the job.

There's lots of things you'll need to know and understand before you start interviewing, such as employment law, so it's important you read the young person's guide to interviewing. 

If interviewing is something you'd like to take part in, please email Please note, we don't know when we'll need a young person's interview panel until a job vacancy becomes available