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Should Harry Kane get an England call up?

Closed on 12/2/2015

Do you feel safe at school?

Closed on 19/1/2015

Do you have a quiet place at home where you can study?

Closed on 5/1/2015

Do you think there are enough open spaces to play football in York?

Closed on 22/12/2014

History or Geography?

Closed on 8/12/2014

Facebook or Twitter?

Closed on 24/11/2014

Do you think there should be more fitness facilities around York?

Closed on 10/11/2014

McDonald's or KFC?

Closed on 27/10/2014

Does your school teach sex education well?

Closed on 13/10/2014

Do you enjoy school?

Closed on 29/9/2014

How useful is this website for you?

Closed on 15/9/2014

If you have had the chance to do Work Experience, did you enjoy it?

Closed on 1/9/2014

Do you think everyone deserves a chance to do Work Experience at school?

Closed on 18/8/2014

Should Scotland stay in the UK?

Closed on 4/8/2014

Do you think everyone deserves a chance to do work experience at school?

Closed on 21/7/2014

Who will win out of England and Italy at the World Cup?

Closed on 16/6/2014

Have you ever visited the Mansion House?

Closed on 25/4/2014

Members of the UK youth Parliament are debating which issue they should campaign on this year. Which do you think is the most important?

Closed on 20/12/2013

What do you think about relationships and sex education in school?

Closed on 6/12/2013

Do you know what being a 'young carer' means?

Closed on 20/11/2013

Do you feel comfortable talking about sex and relationships with your parents?

Closed on 6/11/2013

Does York have enough activities for young people to do?

Closed on 22/10/2013

If you are hanging out in a park with your mates do you feel welcome there

Closed on 1/10/2013

Did you know it's national Roald Dahl day this Friday? So we were wondering, which is your favourite Roald Dahl story?

Closed on 16/9/2013

Do you feel embarrassed talking about mental health?

Closed on 9/9/2013

Is pink just for girls?

Closed on 2/9/2013

Starbucks or Costa?

Closed on 15/8/2013

Should Sunday become a normal working day?

Closed on 1/8/2013

Should video gaming be an Olympic Sport?

Closed on 18/7/2013

Should there be a minimum wage for under 16's?

Closed on 4/7/2013

Do you think there should be tighter gun control laws in America?

Closed on 20/6/2013

Should there be a vote asking if Britain should stay in the European Union?

Closed on 4/6/2013

Do you think it was right for the government to contribute £3.6 million to Lady Thatcher's funeral?

Closed on 20/5/2013

Do you think this website will be useful?

Closed on 7/5/2013