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Whether you're in a mainstream secondary school or a special school, there is lots of support available to you.

Moving to secondary school can be exciting, but also a bit scary! It's a new place with lots of new people and lots of new subjects. If you're feeling worried, talk to your friends, parents, carers or a member of staff in school such as the SENCo; they should all be able to help you when you start secondary school, or if you're already at secondary school and need someone to talk to.

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)

The title 'SENCo' is not always used in secondary schools. It may be head of inclusion, director of inclusion or inclusion leader. The SENCo is responsible for the arrangements in school for children with special educational needs.

The SENCo will share any key information about your special educational need or disability with all relevant staff. This is so all your teachers can provide you with the support you need.

If you have any concerns at school, you should be able to talk to your SENCo. You can talk to the SENCo at secondary school before you even begin attending the school, and this can help you understand what support the school can provide you with.

If lots of your questions about secondary school are unanswered, please go to our frequently asked questions.