Workshops 2014

Workshops listing

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Child Sexual Exploitation - Assembling a toolkit

A quick tour of resources freely available online and offline to support practitioners in developing their own knowledge with regard to child sexual exploitation; and, working with children, young people and parents/carers to prevent and provide early support in relation to concerns about sexual behaviours. 

Early Help Assessments – Tools and tips to support practitioners

This workshop was for anyone who completes early help assessments with children, young people and families and will provide attendees with some useful tips and tools to support them in preparing effective assessments.

Women as Protectors an introduction to the new NSPCC service in York

An introduction to the Women as Protectors Programme which is designed to reduce the risk to children where a parent had decided to remain with a convicted sexual offender or someone whose behaviour either current or historic raises concerns regarding a child’s safety. The workshop covered an overview of the group work programme and the one-to-one work with carers, assessments of capacity to protect, the role of trained and supervised volunteers who will provide continued support to the family, work with the children and the theory underpinning the programme. Information was also given regarding the referral process.

Listen to me – Children and young people’s voice and involvement

This practical workshop explored different techniques and examples of best practice for listening to the voice of children and young people and involving them in service design and delivery.

See me, hear me - hearing the voice of the baby

Babies and pre-verbal children talk to us; we just need to understand their language. This workshop gave an opportunity to explore non-verbal communication cues and provides an introduction to supporting parents in responding positively to their baby, through the use of reflective functioning.

The Money-go-round

Do you know how effective you are in terms of much money is being saved due to improved outcomes from your intervention? This workshop explored the work of Troubled Families, their cost benefit tool and how you can also evidence cost savings alongside impact. This allows the production of very powerful information to support evidencing the impact and value of your service and how you are contributing to reducing the cost to the public purse.

SEND reforms: the biggest change in special educational needs in a decade

The SEND reforms place the child and family had the heart of the planning. The new My Support Plans and Education, Health and Care plans give children, young people and their parents that opportunity and ensure that coordinated multi agency support provides early help to improve outcomes.

Young People and Domestic Abuse – Recognition and Prevention

The workshop identified the signs of abusive behaviour in young people’s relationships. It provided information and tools to challenge and support young people who are abusive and those who are victims.

Cannabis and Young People – Tales from the front line

An informative and interactive talk on what we have seen on the front line of drug treatment. We explore the history of Cannabis, the chemicals in it, the effects (both physical and psychological) and the reality of its use. We explore how Cannabis can impact on Young People’s emotional well-being and will separate facts from fiction. 

Nip It In The Bud- The Role Parenting Programmes Can Play in Early Intervention

The workshop informed practitioners about the parenting support on offer in York, gave a flavour of the programmes and inform practitioners how they can access the support for families they work with.

York College - Student Safety Net (Intensive wrap-around care)

Outstanding care and support arrangements help highly vulnerable students to achieve their potential and make excellent progress. Intensive wrap-around care is extremely effective in helping those students who find themselves in difficult personal circumstances, or in acute need, to stay on their programme and results in improved retention rates for these students.

Young Carers : REVOLUTION 

How can you best identify and support young carers and young adult carers? Who are young carers revolution and what are they all about?

’Coping With Crying’ York Children’s Centres and NSPCC

An overview of how the NSPCC national pilot ‘Coping with Crying’ is being trialled through York Children’s Centres. Participants will view the DVD and gain additional knowledge about the research behind the project. There will be an opportunity for discussion and to share ideas about how partners can or do contribute to the antenatal period and first few months of a child’s life in the context of early intervention and prevention in York.

ELSA five years on – emotional literacy support in the city of York

This workshop will briefly examine the importance of emotional literacy in children and young people before going on to explore the success of the ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants) initiative in York and how ELSAs are working in schools across the city to improve children and young people’s social and emotional wellbeing.

Two year old funded childcare - From beginning to end

The two year old funded childcare places for economically deprived or vulnerable children and their families is one of the flagship Government policies of recent years. Find out how two year old funding works in York from beginning to end, including what package of support goes around children and families while accessing this support.