Personal Guarantees

At the 2014 No Wrong Door conference delegates were asked to make their own personal guarantees to children and young people in care. You can see a selection of those commitments below.

Download a copy of York's Guarantee for Children in Care.

Use this form to make your own personal commitment to Looked After Children in York. We will publish these to our website and share these back to children and young people.

My guarantee to children and young people in care is...

  • If you talk, I will listen. If I listen, I will do something, if I do something I will talk to you. If I talk to you, you will listen
  • If I hear something concerning I will act upon my concern.
  • That I will actually listen to the child or the young person, actually here what they are saying and not put my own spin on it
  • To offer every resource and support available to parents I represent to try to return children safely home from care
  • To ensure that children in care have the same access to information about an opportunity for higher education as their peers
  • To give as much consideration as possible to 'interpreting' the voice of the child
  • Is to ensure that I challenge all practitioners in my service who do not capture the voice of the child/young people they work with
  • Not only to listen to the child/ young person's wishes but to fight harder to ensure to ensure (if safely) this happens
  • To increase participation membership so they have a voice within the service
  • I will ensure to be mindful that children in care are treated equally within York Youth Offending Team
  • To support children and young people to access advocacy services
  • To creatively consult with very young children about their family situations and how it affects them
  • Help children/ young people feel they can be in control of their emotional and mental well being through providers working with CYP, through listening to CYP in devising services
  • To continue to be the voice for those children who are in care who need support
  • 1. Is to continue to find the best placements with York foster carers for Children and Young people 2. Is to listen to young people at Show Me That I Matter to hear about their experience
  • Learn new skills to ensure that and listen to young people more carefully and ensure that their voices are heard and advocated for
  • To support young people and provide information on all services available to them in York
  • To pass on details of Show Me That I Matter to families I work with and to listen and action children’s needs, ideas and aspirations
  • To remove the use of 'LAC' from every council document and to challenge those who use it when speaking about 'looked after children'
  • I will put young people wishes, thoughts and feelings first
  • All children are treated as individuals and equally regardless of background or circumstance
  • To help and support children and young people where possible and, to provide information and advice on advocacy
  • To spend more time with young people on a weekly basis for positive reasons rather than just to deal with negative behaviours
  • Is to listen much more carefully to all young people whether they are in care, confused, worried or generally feel like they are not being listened to
  • To listen to young people and to advocate for them. To listen what YP want but also explore what they 'need'.
  • To be open to all young people who seek to gain experience in out workplace, regardless of who they are, where they are from. I will make sure I treat any young people how I would treat
  • my own child.
  • To listen more effectively to our children. To consult more specifically about our children’s needs
  • I will attend Show Me That I Matter to find out what I can do in my new position to support all children who are looked after in York.
  • Treat every child I work with as an individual. Listen to the voice of the child
  • I will continue to help young people 'speak out'. I will try to make sure others I work with know about the pledge and the 'speak up' service so that more young people can speak up!
  • I will ensure every training day we run about early help includes input on listening to young people and recording their own experience, views and feelings
  • Is to ensure all young people in care who request an independent visitor receive one
  • I will listen carefully to all the children who come to me with a concern and work with them to find a solution they are happy with! 'We can work together to make things better' is my brand new slogan.
  • To listen to what is said and not to presume
  • All looked after children at Fulford school will have a safe place in order to talk and be listened to
  • To invite SMTIM panel back to the 2015 No Wrong Door conference, continue to tell us about the guarantee made and what happened since
  • If any young people want to write down a view on early intervention, why it matters, how services did or didn't help them- I will publish this via the EIF routs e.g. our website
  • Is to listen and respect every young person I work with and show them they deserve to have a voice
  • I deal with contracts and payments for a small number of intensive evidential placements for some looked after people. I will do my best to ensure that the voice of the young people are heard and reflected in decisions about placements and transition.
  • I will listen to young people to support them to realise their dream. We are all born with dreams, let’s live it!
  • To continue leading All Together Active, developing ATA and promoting it as a fun youth club for young people. To try to investigate fundraising for activities during the school holidays for young people so we can provide activities like we used to do.
  • That I will make more time to listen to young people, and make sure the assessments I do are focused on this and reflect their voice
  • I will always do my up most to make sure all young people in my care receive all the help and advice and guidance they need to help them lead a happy and positive life and one that always keeps them safe
  • I will always listen and take time out to help and support a young person that comes to me for help. I will always be available to talk to
  • To continue allowing young people to have an active role in supporting the islands development, provisions and activities. Treat every young person as an individual and allow them the freedom to speak openly
  • I will do my best to treat all young people with respect, listen to what they're saying and respond to their needs and requests in the best and quickest way I can
  • To try to ensure that children’s experiences, feelings and priorities are not lost within statistics, databases and spreadsheets
  • To keep listening to children and young people I work with and to ensure their voice is heard. To continue, my counselling course to benefit the young people I work with
  • To promote opportunities for listening to children. Promote access to children in care council
  • To make sure LAC are treated exactly the same as other pupils. When I do LAC health assessment to do in a place of the child’s choosing, i.e. at home, school and also let them decide how long they want to spend with me
  • I will take more time to listen to the things most concerning the young people. I will work with, despite how busy I am or what I had planned with them. I will be flexible and prioritise their needs and wellbeing
  • I guarantee to listen more to children who instruct me
  • To ensure the springboard project continues to make the voices of young people heard through creative projects like music for care 'how to fly' music video
  • To ensure that your voice is always heard in family meetings. It’s as much about you as it is your parents!
  • To ensure that we hear the voice of the child and listen to what they need in order to progress well in life and have the support they need
  • That my door will always be open to all students and I will give my time to listen to any anxieties and concerns they may have about any issues, school or otherwise
  • To make sure all my decisions in my role have the interests of the young people at heart! No to judge but to listen and act to make sure young people have the best support at college
  • To really listen, to try make every contact with a young person count and to try to show that each person really does matter
  • To pass on any information about the York children in care council to schools in my role of advisor. Great presentation!

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