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Family Matters York

Family Matters York

Parenting is the hardest job in the world and EVERY parent needs help and encouragement.

Family Matters York run courses and workshops for all mums, dads and carers providing you with opportunities to think about what you are doing with your children, and to share ideas with other parents.

We cover topics such as how to build children’s self-esteem, what we can do to set and maintain reasonable boundaries and there is also opportunity to discuss your own issues. The courses are fun and interactive and give plenty of food for thought!

For further information, visit the Family Matters York website.

Toddler Training Course

4 fun, informal sessions including discussion on:

  • How to help your child to be happy and secure
  • How to manage difficult behaviour
  • Your own issues

Time Out for Dads (NAPP Rated)

Run by dads for dads, this 5 week course covers issues such as helping children express their feelings, handling challenging behaviour, love and all that stuff, and dad as coach.

Time Out for Special Needs (NAPP Rated)

This is usually a 6-week course especially for parents coping with a child with special needs and looks at some of the specific issues and ways of dealing with them. Co-ordinated by Family Matters York.

Time Out for Parents

This course is suitable for parents and carers of for parents of primary school children, giving “time out” to think about helping your child to be happy at home and school, managing difficult behaviour, your own issues. As with all our courses, it aims to be fun and interactive with opportunities to share experiences and ideas. Co-ordinated by Family Matters York.

Time Out for Parents - The Teenage Years

Many parents find adolescence the most demanding time in their relationship with their child. There are many new challenges to face and it’s often hard to know what to do for the best. They are holding a 5-week course for parents of pre-teens and teenagers. They’ll be looking at some of the issues and how to survive! Topics include: Communication, building self esteem, parenting styles, encouraging responsibility, problem solving and trouble shooting. 

Time Out from Anger

This 4-session course explores what makes people angry, safe ways to deal with our anger and how we can help our children to deal better with their anger.  Co-ordinated by Family Matters York.

Time Out for Money

We are all feeling the pinch at the moment – prices are going up and wages are going down.  Family Matters York is holding a workshop giving us “time out” to think about:

  • What is money?
  • Why budget?
  • Is there life after debt?

Drug Proof Your Kids

Drug Proof Your Kids is a 6-session course from Family Matters York which helps parents to empower their children make wise, healthy choices in the decisions they make around drugs and alcohol.

Building Family Bridges

This course aims to build relationship strength and family resilience.

The first half of the course focuses on communication skills between the couple to enable them to develop their understanding of each other, family roles and family responsibilities. With such skills, couples can strengthen other areas of their relationship and underpin their commitment and resilience.

Then there is a section on developing skills for `parenting together’, equipping couples to understand and communicate about their parenting styles and develop shared parenting strategies.  And finally, the course covers managing money more effectively, where couples discuss their different values and personalities affecting money management and develop a family budget. 

Anti-bullying workshop

Every parent’s worst nightmare!  As parents, can we do anything to help prevent our children from being bullied?

We will look at:

  • what bullying is
  • why it happens
  • what we can do to prevent it
  • what we should do if it happens

Can we talk?

Are you struggling to communicate with your teenager?

Can we talk? is a 4 session programme which aims to help young people and their parents to communicate with each other.

Each young person (between 13 and 18) comes with a parent, and together with other family pairs they will work through material which will help them to develop skills in good listening, handling anger and resolving conflict.


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