A journey through homelessness

At the 2014 No Wrong Door conference Becky Ward (Housing Options and Homelessness, City of York Council) presented to the group about the issue of young people facing homelessness. Becky outlined the work that is undertaken in York to try and minimise young people finding themselves in this situation. The presentation concluded with a young person who had personal experience of this issue sharing a poem they had written. The transcript of this poem is shown below.


When the world looks a distant place,
And hope is lost, but not misplaced,
When you feel the planet crashing down,
As tears sweep down like a rain cloud.

To judge which way to turn,
The route which will contradicts your life,
And puts your mind at rest,
As you hope for the best.

Your past is clearer than the present,
You will soon realise it can be unpleasant,
To see the darkness bring no light,
Or to see a light not glowing so bright.

As I sit cold as ice, my mind roles a set of dice,
Everyday there’s a new object to discover,
A new subject to uncover,
As the world is crafted into parts,
It put your mind next to your heart.

What you need is patience to see it through,
Some courage to pick you up when all is at loss,
You can’t just lose you will and power,
Ticking by the hour,
Pausing at every bad comment that is made,
Hoping today is the day,
The day in which,
You can say your life is changing for the better and always.

The thing that scares us the most,
Is not knowing where your journey is going to go,
To end up with nothing and no one is unreal,
It’s like sending a letter unsealed.

To know the end is near,
Getting rid of all the fear,
That once turned you to drug and beer,
And it kept us alive,
Gives me a chance,
Gives me strength to cheer and fight on

No boundaries is the way to go,
Free your mind,
Let your feeling flow,
You can’t really go wrong,
You’re ready to go and make your life what you want it to be