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Young Persons Social Media Guide

staying safe   leaflet

Young people across York have created a Social Media Guide to provide their peers with information and advice about using social media safely. 

In partnership with City of York Council, child and adolescent development psychology experts at York St John University ran workshops with young people (aged between 11-18 years) to understand how young people stay safe on social media. The workshops were run with young people across different settings (including schools and youth groups) within the city of York.

The workshops focused on:

  1. positive and negative uses of social media,
  2. understanding control in social media environments,
  3. the creation of strategies to “stay safe” online.

The workshops were designed to be fun, engaging and creative. Importantly, they encouraged POSITIVE and discouraged NEGATIVE aspects of social media use.

Following these workshops, a number of resources have been developed to share with young people around staying safe on social media, as well as a pack for schools or any other professional working with young people with all the material they need in order to deliver their own social media safety workshop including:

Social Media Safety TikTok video

Narrated powerpoint presentation about the project

Social Media Safety Workshop Information Sheet

A lesson plan providing an overview of the session to help you plan a similar session

Practical resources that you need to deliver the social media safety workshops in your classes, including:

Lesson Slides  (please note that this file is opened in a tab at the bottom of the page)

Activity 2 Personas (please note that this file is opened in a tab at the bottom of the page)

Activity 2 Worksheet 

Resources for young people to take away:

Staying Safe - leaflet

Staying Safe - Limiting Social Media

Staying Safe - Protecting Yourself

Staying Safe - Stopping Horrible Interactions

Staying Safe - Using Social Media Safely

By delivering the workshops within your setting, you will be able to create resources specific to the social media use of the young people in your setting.