What we believe

All children deserve the opportunity to achieve their full potential. 

The City of York Safeguarding Partnership's (CYSCP) vision is:

“For all the children of York to grow up in safety and always to feel safe.”

The CYSCP believes that safeguarding is everybody's responsibility.

We believe:

  • in working with children, young people, parents and professionals to make our children's lives safer.

  • that in order to achieve this, all agencies involved with children and their families should consider the welfare of children as central to all their activities, and work closely with each other to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children.

  • in the need to increase understanding of the nature of child abuse, by raising professional and public awareness in order to reduce abuse and neglect and the impact that it has.


  • seeks assurance that all children within the City of York are protected from all forms of physical or emotional abuse; neglect or negligent treatment; maltreatment or exploitation; sexual abuse and harm caused by witnessing the ill treatment of another and that their potential as human beings is maximised.

  • promotes public confidence in the child protection system by seeking assurance from partner agencies that a proper balance is achieved between intrusion into family life and the necessary protection of children from harm.

  • tries to develop and promote a learning culture in order to identify areas of vulnerability and learn lessons from when things have gone wrong and also from when they have gone right.