Harmful Sexual Behaviour

Harmful sexual behaviour (HSB) is defined by the National Children's Bureau as “Sexual behaviours expressed by children and young people under the age of 18 years old that are developmentally inappropriate, may be harmful towards self or others and/ or be abusive towards another child, young person or adult.”


CYSCP has produced a Children Who Sexually Harm procedure document for practitioners working with families locally. 

The purpose of all intervention is the protection of children. Many young people who sexually abuse others have themselves been harmed and this should always be considered. Sexual abuse by children is as harmful to victims as sexual abuse by adults so early identification and intervention are essential in the prevention of future sexual harm. 

Children who sexually harm other children should be held responsible for their behaviour whilst also being considered to be children in need of services themselves. Where possible parents/carers need to be involved in supporting children in dealing with this behaviour. 

A multi-disciplinary/agency approach is the most effective way of addressing concerns regarding a child’s harmful sexual behaviour. 


CYSCP provides online and face to face training for practitioners.


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