Coronavirus Advice and Guidance for Children and Young People


If you are feeling anxious, scared, or sad about #coronavirus, Barnados have created an advice hub with blogs, tools, and resources to help young people access information and support.

Childline have created top ten tips for children on coping during lockdown.

The Children's Commissioner has written a Childrens Guide to the Coronavirus. It answers your questions about coronavirus, tells you how to stay safe and protect other people and helps you make the best of your time at home.

Childline has created a new web page with information about Coronavirus. It includes info on what coronavirus is; where you can find help if you are worried; coping with staying at home; and what to do if you feel unwell.

Some things that happen in the world can make you feel scared, confused and unsafe, or like you don't have any control. However you feel, it can really help to share feelings and get support. Childline have a great page on how to deal with worries about the world.

Young Minds have some great blogs about what to do if you are anxious about Coronavirus and how to look after your mental health while self-isolating.

Here are some other resources to help you during this time: