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Lots of different and fun activities that you can do in the safety of your own home. Anyone of any age can get involved. What would you like to try?

If you do create anything we would love to see your creations. Please let us know - you can email or contact us via Twitter or Facebook.

 You've heard of star gazing - so what about cloud gazing?!

This activity is definitely one for anyone of any age. It can be done in your garden, gazing out of your window, sat on a balcony or whilst you are talking a walk.This is great for keeping in the moment, relaxation and letting your imagination role... Take a look, what shapes, animals, faces, creatures or landmarks do you see in the clouds?

What about - creating a story of all the different things you have seen in the clouds. Or how about getting your little one to draw what they have seen?



Rainbow Pancakes

This is a great idea for all ages, most of us love pancakes. This recipe comes from Juliet Sear, Vegan and Rainbow American Pancakes.  Our little friends had a go and they gave them a huge thumbs up!

American rainbow stack


1 pinch of salt

1/2 tsp baking powder baking powder

1 heaped tsp of caster sugar

2 medium eggs (beaten)

30g of butter (melted and cooled)

300ml milk

220g self-raising flour

Butter for frying

Food colouring gel (I used yellow, orange, blue, green and red)


Spray cream

Maple syrup



  1. Whisk dry ingredients together
  2. Beat egg and butter into the milk
  3. Beat all together and leave to stand for a few mins
  4. Split mixture evenly into five bowls, add a small amount of colouring and whisk
  5. Then fry in a pan with a little butter
  6. Stack then cover with maple syrup, spray cream and sprinkles



Create your own felt animals

This activity is more suited to slightly older children and will require adult supervision. Younger children can get involved by choosing which animal to make, colouring in any parts using paints, felt tips or crayons on paper to glue on to the animal shape. If you are sticking the pieces together using glue, younger children can help with that too!

You will need: felt, glue, scissors, or needle and thread, chalk or a coloured crayon, cotton wool balls.

How to make: Fold the felt in half. Draw the outline of the animal you wish to make. We have decided to make a sea turtle.

Carefully cut around the outline of the shape you have drawn.

If you need to add any extras to the shape such as arms or legs, this is a good point to sew them in. Decide which is the front or back of your animal, and where any arms or legs need to go.

Also if you are going to use felt tips, or sew in eyes or anything else where it would be useful to do this whilst the felt is flat, then do this now.

Match up the front and the back of the animal and start to glue or sew along the edges. Stop about half way along so that you can stuff with cotton wool.

Continue to stitch or glue the edges together all around.

What about - to make in to a hanging decoration sew in a little loop of ribbon to the top or along the back of the animal and admire your handy work!




Messy sensory play!

Does your little one enjoy sensory exploration? Have you thought about creating an animal mud wash? Simple and cost effective, all you need are some plastic animals, a tray and some mud!!! This can be adapted to use with vehicles or any other washable objects. I you don't have access to mud and want to try an edible version why not try it with chocolate mousse or even custard! There are more ideas from Entertain Toddler with a recipe for making taste safe mud for sensory play.

 Our image for this activity is taken from Entertain Toddler 




 Crafty Egg box idea! - Who ate the cheese?!

This creative idea is from the Crafty Teacup Creative Centre. Why not visit their webpage to find out more crafty ideas.