Centre of Excellence Consultation and Engagement

We are working closely with Specialist Design Consultants -Gilling Dod Architects to think through what a ‘Centre of Excellence’ Building for Disabled children and their families might look like.


We want to give everyone the opportunity see some of the early design ideas, concepts and feed in their views. We also want to consult staff, parents and partners about some of the key decisions we are making about the ‘Centre of Excellence’ and what it will hopefully deliver for disabled children and families.


Attached is a summary of what the building potentially will be, who will use it, what workers will be based there and thoughts about location.


Also attached are 7 Architect documents that explore and share the following things


  1. Main design drivers for the project, functional content, and key relationships and adjacencies.
  2. Potential arrangement concept
  3. Possible building concepts
  4. Design features and approach
  5. Design aesthetics - 'cool wall'
  6. Autism friendly interior design ideas/key rooms
  7. Potential Interior design themes

We really hope you are able to look at how some of our exciting plans have progressed and in particular to share your views and shape what it may look like in the future.


To see information from the first stakeholders conference held in June of 2017, please click here.