At 1 year old...

By now your child could be cruising (walking by holding on to furniture).

Some children will be able to walk on their own, most children start to walk between 12 and 18 months, late walking is rarely a cause for concern. Other develop you may see includes:

  • clap hands
  • wave bye-bye
  • bang toys together
  • raise his arms to be picked up
  • drink from a cup
  • pick up a tiny object neatly with tips of thumb and forefinger
  • possibly say “dada” or “mama” and maybe one or more other words with meaning
  • copy sounds and gestures you make, or even roll a ball back to you

Ideas for encouraging learning and development:

  • Enjoy blocks and other stacking toys, puzzles and shape sorters, puppets, activity cubes, musical toys, crayons and markers, and, of course, lots of books.
  • Role-play toys will start to play a role, too, as baby becomes more imaginative and a master mimic (think dolls, a playhouse, a play kitchen, pretend food and tableware, a toy phone, a workbench, a doctor kit)


Children learn best when you let them learn at their own pace, so give your little one the space to explore and observe and participate. He will reach those milestones when the time is right for him.



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