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Early Help

Early Help aims to support practitioners working together to improve outcomes for children and young people. It involves the use of common tools, processes and language (such as Common or Early Help Assessment, Information Sharing, YorOK Child Index/eTrak, Lead Practitioner).

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Resource and Advice Directory

Find support and services available for children, young people and families that you are working with.

Children's Advice Team

The Children's Advice Team provide advice about how you can help vulnerable children, young people and families through Early Help.

Family Early Help Assessment (FEHA)

A FEHA is a way of gathering information about children,young people and families in one place and using that information to help decide what type of support is needed.

Team Around the Child/ Family (TACF)

The TACF brings together the parent, child, young person and practitioners into a small team focused around the needs of a child or young person. Find out more about a TACF.

Lead Practitioner

Find out more about the role of a Lead Practitioner and how the Children's Advice Team can support you.

Early Help Training

Find out about the range of Early Help training courses offered by the Children's Advice Team.

Flag a concern

Find out about flagging and how to flag a concern.

Link worker

The Children's Advice Team operates using a locality model. Find out who your link worker is and how they can support you within your setting.

School Attendance Resources

Download a range of school attendance resources.

Information Sharing

Guidance on information sharing and how effective communication between practitioners will lead to better outcomes for children and young people.


A guide to help you decide what level of concern you have about a child or young person.

Voice in assessment

Guidance on including the voice of family members, particularly children, within assessments.

Early Help Strategy

The Early Help Strategy outlines our ambition for early help services for children and families, and the principles that guide us.