Lunch club for deaf children

In September 2013 the Deaf and Hearing Support Team (DHT) were involved in a day music event across the city. It involved primary aged deaf children from across the city getting together and being involved in music work shops with a deaf musician.

The day was a great success on many levels and the feedback from the children was very positive.

One of the unexpected consequences of the day was made clear from the feedback forms which the children filled in subsequently – a number of the children had overwhelmingly (and a little surprisingly) put that they had enjoyed the lunchtime together the best!

In response to this the DHT have set up a half termly Lunch Club, which is held on the last Monday Lunchtime of each half term. We have rotated around the schools as a venue and responsibility for organising the event has passed to the children, their TAs and the individual schools.

So far we have held 3 Lunch Clubs and the response has been very positive. At the last one we had 19 deaf children, accompanied by 12 TAs and 2 mums, representing 14 schools.

The benefits for the children’s social and emotional well being are huge and as we watch the children’s friendships grow with their deaf peers, their confidence can also be seen to be building. 

It was a great idea which came from the children themselves, has been grown by the children and continues to evolve under their direction.


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