Statement of Service

York Family Information Service

York Family Information Service operates on an “ask anything” principal to do with family life from 0-19 years old (or up to 25 years old for disabled young people). The range of potential information includes:

  • All Ofsted registered childcare provision
  • Any service that could support a parent or carer in their role

York Family Information Service principally gives information and advice or supported signposting to more in-depth and appropriate services. The core service offered by York Family Information Service is free.


York Family Information Service can be contacted on 01904 554444 between 10:00 and 16:00 Monday to Friday. Outside of these core hours, the service can be contacted using the following channels:

  • Mobile texting – 07624 802244. York Family Information Service receives a text and will ring back the enquirer so that they do not incur call charges.
  • Email – the service can be emailed directly to
  • Over the internet – this is through our own local website or via our social network channels.
  • Face to face – during normal office hours, a member of staff is available to meet face to face with enquirers visiting our office. Enquirers can also be met face to face through the FIS outreach programme or we can conduct home visits by arrangement.

The information will be available in a range of formats including written information online, sent through the post (2nd class) or in an email, via social networks, over the phone or face to face. If a customer requires information in a particular way then this will be accommodated as much as possible given the resources available.


York Family Information Service endeavors to ensure information given is accurate and up to date through regular training and working closely with partner teams and agencies. York Family Information Service have the following updating targets; Childcare records updated at least once every three months, Family Services records updated at least once every six months.

Response times

We will respond to telephone and email enquiries as quickly as possible and aim to resolve your query the same or next working day. Sometimes an enquiry may take longer than these time frames because of the nature of the enquiry. If we aren’t able to respond to an enquiry within these time frames we will let you know when we will be able to answer your question.

Any requests for the creation or amending of details from childcare or service directory providers will be completed and notified back to person making the request within one working day.


Information and advice provided by York Family Information Service will be impartial. No particular type of childcare provision or service will be promoted and information is offered on the basis of fairness to all providers. Advice to customers will include relevant leaflets with questions suggested to enable them to make an informed choice.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

York Family Information Service respects people’s right to confidentiality. When collecting information from enquirers or providers it will be made clear how the information will be stored and used. All policies on confidentiality will comply with the Data Protection Act.

Feedback and evaluation

All users of the service who receive information by post or email are asked to complete a feedback form two weeks after the service is delivered. The form is supplied with a freepost envelope or can be completed online. The feedback given is used to improve the service offered by York Family Information Service and to inform the development of childcare and services to better match the needs of parents and carers.

York Family Information Service operates to the quality standards set out by the NAFIS Families First Award.


York Family Information Service will always welcome feedback. The York Family Information Service  Manager can be contacted using any of the contact channels listed above. The council has a set complaints procedure. The details of which can be found on the City of York Council website (  or by calling 01904 551550.

If a person wishes to complain about a childcare provider this should be done through Ofsted (T: 0300 123 1231 W: E:



York Family Information Service

01904 554444