Foster Carers

CWDC Training, Support and Development (TSD)

Standards for Foster CarersAchieving the CWDC Training, Support and Development (TSD) Standards for Foster Carers…..


All newly approved foster carers.

Commitment from Children and Families

To provide support and advice via a supervising social worker who will help to identify strengths, and also any knowledge or skills gaps, pertinent to meeting the TSD Standards and agree a Personal Development Plan.To arrange training and other learning activities to address any gaps,

Expectations of individuals

To participate in induction and core training programme activities, and record training and learning in Portfolio/workbook.

To complete the Standards within the first 12 months of being an approved foster carer.

Where to go for further advice, support and information?

If you are interested in any of the information outlined in The Training and Development Pledge and/or if you would like to have informal chat about any aspect of your training and development needs, you can contact: 
Chris Shipley, Workforce Development Officer, Workforce Development Unit, West Offices, York. YO1 6GA.

You can also view a range of training and development opportunities on-line through WDU.