Partner agencies

CYSCB Membership

Some of the partner agencies of the CYSCB are:

The full CYSCB Membership list is currently being updated and will be published when the  Annual Report 2017/18 is published.

Partner Agencies have worked together to develop a multi-agency overarching City of York and North Yorkshire Multi-agency Information Sharing Protocol to create a positive culture of sharing information and facilitate more effective Data Sharing practices between Partner Agencies, with the aim of improving service delivery.

The Protocol applies to all information being shared by signatory Partner Agencies and it establishes the types of data Partner Agencies will share, how data is handled and the legislation which allows the information to be shared, as well as outlining processes for developing Partner Agency Information Sharing Arrangements. 

The DfE has produced guidance on information sharing for people who provide safeguarding services to children, young people, parents and carers.