Age 18-25

When you are over 18

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  • Young people and their families are given copies of the Easy Read Housing Options and Tenancy guide available from The Transitions Team or Housing Options Team.
  • Continuing to explore options, independent, Sharing, supported, staying at home.



  • If you have a Connexions worker contact them to help with this
  • If not contact Castlegate Support and advice service
  • To discuss volunteering opportunities you may contact Council for Voluntary Services
  • Continuing to look at supporting young people into employment, paid, supported, voluntary, internships and apprenticeships

Continuing Education

Social Opportunities and Being part of the Community

  • If a young person has a Care manager, contact the Children's Community Team
  • Or contact the Community Facilitators on 554078 554179 Or search the information website for people with a learning disability.
  • Supporting young people to maintain and develop friendships and increase their social networks

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Improved health

Benefits check and Managing finances safely