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Separation Advice Gingerbread...


Gingerbread has recently launched a brand new online ‘Separation Hub’, drawing together and offering online information and support for parents going through a separation. Separating parents can find the key resources they need here, whenever they need them.

 Gingerbread's online Separation Hub is easy to use and navigate, offering support and guidance on several key areas including supporting children, legal issues, safety, money and housing.


NSPCC Supporting Children Worried About Terrorism …

 Tips and Advice Can Help Parents 

Police have issued new guidance to young people about what to do in the event of a terror attack. If you're concerned about how a child is feeling following recent attacks or would like advice on how to talk to your children about terrorism, you can call the NSPCC helpline on 0808 800 5000

Children are exposed to news in many ways, and what they see can worry them. Our advice can help you have a conversation with your child:

    • listen carefully to a child’s fears and worries
    • offer reassurance and comfort
    • avoid complicated and worrying explanations that could be frightening and confusing
    • help them find advice and support to understand distressing events and feelings
    • children can always contact Childline free and confidentially on the phone and online.

 It’s also important to address bullying and abuse following the terrorist attacks. 

Some children may feel targeted because of their faith or appearance
Look for signs of bullying, and make sure that they know they can talk with you about it. Often children might feel scared or embarrassed, so reassure them it's not their fault that this is happening, and that they can always talk to you or another adult they trust. Alert your child’s school so that they can be aware of the issue. 

Dealing with offensive or unkind comments about a child’s faith or background
If you think this is happening, it’s important to intervene. Calmly explain that comments like this are not acceptable. Your child should also understand that someone’s beliefs do not make them a terrorist. Explain that most people are as scared and hurt by the attacks as your child is. You could ask them how they think the other child felt, or ask them how they felt when someone said something unkind to them. Explain what you will do next, such as telling your child's school, and what you expect them to do

York Carers Centre helps unpaid carers in York find the support they need ...


Do you need information or advice about your caring role or the person you care for? If you have any questions or would like to know more about benefits, community care, carers rights, disability rights or employment rights then you can now phone our Advice Line on Wednesday evenings 5 to 8pm. Talk to Andrew or Shirley on 01904 715490

More about York Carers Centre

York Carers Centre helps unpaid carers in York find the support they need. For more information or advice visit our website, phone us on 01904 715490 or email Follow us on Twitter @yorkcarers

Carers of disabled children in York or who access services in York can also register on the MyFIS+ scheme.  In addition to these newsletters, you will also receive a free Max Card which gets free entry for two adults and two children into a variety of attractions across the UK. To register, contact York Family Information Service on 01904 554444 or sign up online.

York Mind  Young People's Peer Support Group 13-16 year olds

York Mind are running a weekly peer support group for 13-16 year olds struggling with their emotionspeer support YP and mental health. It’s for young people who are interested in being part of a social and supportive group, chatting about ways of feeling more positive and putting them into action. The young people will collaborate to develop strategies that work for them, leading the group themselves with the facilitator there to assist them. Young people will join the group for up to six months, which will also include socials taking place outside of York Mind,taking part in activities of the young people’s choice, for example bowling or going to the cinema



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