Other Health Services

Community Dental Service

The community dental service is a specialist dental service that provides dental treatments to the community including specialising with children and adults who have a physical or mental disability. The service is different from other dental practitioners because they are able spend more time with patients if necessary and can offer sedation if visiting the dentists proves a very stressful experience for the patient. 

York Wheelchair Service

The Wheelchair Centre provides wheeled mobility, pressure and posture care, and related assistive aids to disabled children and young people who have a permanent reduction in their mobility.

Find out more about York Wheelchair Service.


What if I'm not happy with a Health Service?

Healthwatch York wants your feedback about your experiences using health and social care services in York. As well as operating locally, Healthwatch plays a role at national level. Local Healthwatch passes on information and recommendations to Healthwatch England. Healthwatch England takes evidence from local Healthwatch and uses it to create a strong picture of what matters most to consumers up and down the country.


York Family Information Service

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